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Meet the History's Most Depressing Day - January 19, 2009


According to specialists, today, Monday, January 19, 2009, will be the most depressing day in human history. This is because of the cold weather and the vanishing memories of Christmas and New Year celebrations. But mostly because this whole mix gained a worse taste due to the economic recession.

Experts consider that millions of people will feel so blue they will decide to stay in bed. A quarter of employees will call in sick. Dr Cliff Arnall, a former academic at Cardiff University and a psychologist, worked out a mathematical formula that demonstrates that January 19, 2009 can be really called a Blue Monday.

According to Dr Arnal, there are 6 depressive things that will merge in one big issue during another depressive factor, i.e. this year's cold winter. This year will be the most difficult due to the fact that more people fear about job security, increasing debt and the decrease of house prices. Besides, Monday is considered to be the worst day of the week as people have to go to work after the weekend.

"The credit crunch means today is potentially the most depressing Blue Monday we have had", said the psychologist.

Dr Arnall suggests that the best way to make it through this day is to do something fun. He says that those who feel depressed can gather their friends over dinner, call someone who they haven't heard in a long time or simply watch a fun movie or cartoon, reports Daily Mail.

FirstCare specialist for staff absence, in another study, mentioned that 22 percent of employees are likely to call in sick due to the fact that the seasonal illness now hits peak. According to a spokesman, symptoms of colds and flu are usually the signs of stress and depression and as the economic downturn continues to affect the economic climate, more people are likely to experience fatigue and anxiety. At the same time, William Hartson, a psychologist at Cambridge University, has come up with a mathematical formula which shows the Blue Monday as the most possible for accidents.

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