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Nano-nose to help identify illnesses


Nanoparticles are used by U.S. researchers to 'smell' the scent of illnesses in fluids of the body. The researchers used nanoparticles of gold with different coatings to distinguish among different proteins and detect the illness, as reported by the New Scientist.

According to Vince Rotello from the University of Massachusetts the human nose has a series of receptors, which react differently to different compounds. Thus it is not a specific smell that the receptors react to, but it is a generalized response produced by the receptors, which creates the smell.

Teamed up with his colleagues from the university and with scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Vince Rotello applied the same 'nose-principle' to detect proteins.

The 'nano nose' uses a system of six receptors, each one consisting of a solution with gold nano particles not larger than 2 nanometers, each one having a different coating too. Nitrogen atoms form the organic molecules which make up the coating of the nanoparticles.

Different types of proteins have different features, thus having a property to attach to various receptors, though binding with some receptors more than with others. The team's task was to identify those properties of binding for different proteins. For this purpose the team used a molecule beaming a fluorescent signal. The molecule attached to the receptor particles and then it was replaced by protein molecule when the latter bound to the receptor. This way, the more the fluorescent molecule was displaced, the more light produced. The results were subsequently analyzed by the computer.

During the experiments the scientists ran tests with 56 different proteins and proved that the signals produced by the receptors could be then used to distinguish among various proteins. The 'nano-nose' was accurate in 96 of 100 cases during these tests.

Mr. Rotello is optimistic about this accomplishment, as it could be used not just for smelling out proteins specific for a disease, but it could see the difference or the anomaly in the normal combination of proteins in the human body.

After running a series of tests with blood of sick and healthy animals, the scientists were able to identify changes in serum. They do not want to stop here and they try to make this ability statistically stable. Later on Rotello plans to make the 'nano-nose' identify different kinds of cancer cells and other diseases.

Such a nose device, sniffing out illnesses is not a novelty in the world of science and technology, as there were devices developed capable of detecting small molecules; yet the Rotello's system is the first one to detect large and complicated molecules.

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//37 Mar 03, 2011 06:48 AM | posted by: Gen017 [InfoWILD]
how about nano technology in the field of military
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that is great! another new invention in nanotechnology.
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continue doing such great work
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its a very wonderful technology and help me in my prezentation
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it is great.........................i got the idea of my new project.......yippe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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//30 Jul 21, 2010 06:58 PM | posted by: Arjun
Great but can it distinguish two diseases with similiar causative protein
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//29 Apr 07, 2010 02:30 PM | posted by: meeee.
yah i really love da idea but are there any disadvantages in this nano- nose illness detector invention? any1 who knows?
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its amanzingly fantastic invention!!!! it will help me in my seminar.....
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very good invetion.. It really helps me a lot in my research papare..
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this is so incredible!i hope they can figure out how to the nano nose to identify cancer cells
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//21 Feb 02, 2009 03:22 PM | posted by: desiree anne deligero
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//20 Jan 17, 2009 05:26 AM | posted by: Unknown
i love it. the invention is wonderful. am sure lots of people the field of medicines, nurses and doctors and even maidwives would be delighted to this for this is of great help to them. they wud no longer find hard time in checking up patients salute for the author.
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it is a great invention! This new trend is a big help in the field of nursing and in medicine. keep it up....
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//16 Dec 03, 2008 04:39 AM | posted by: e
Does anyone know who wrote this, or what the URL is?
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this article is interesting. Ima use it for my science report! ty for the news---a middle skwl guy
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very good invention
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with this we could no longer be taking so much medical treatment and check-ups..
this would be a tremendous hit to all the people around the world.. i love reading this article,..
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its a nice invention...doctors will not anymore find hard time to examine the disease of the good...congratulations...
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//5 Apr 22, 2008 01:50 PM | posted by: ANIL KUMAR N.C
ocourse the discovery of nano-nose wil be a blasting discovery in medical field.but whether it is effective at different intensities??i mean at the starting stage and at the more critical stage?
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this is an amazing invention
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this article is very amazing.!!!!! it never comes tomy mind that there is such a thing,nano-nose,that will be discover.nano-nose wil be very helpful to human.congratulations.
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