Tuesday, 02 Nov, 2010 Science

NASA and DARPA Want to Create a Spaceship for Interstellar Travel


Researchers and engineers from NASA and DARPA decided to team up in order to study the possibility of creating a "100-year Starship" that could perform interstellar travel.

The "100-year Starship" project aims at developing a business model and technology portfolio to make manned interstellar travel possible.

According to Paul Eremenko, DARPA's spokesperson, the project will need "sustained investments of intellectual and financial capital" from different sources.

Eremenko mentioned that the 100-Year Starship study represents much more than just constructing a spacecraft. "We endeavor to excite several generations to commit to R&D breakthrough technologies and cross-cutting innovations across a myriad of disciplines," he said.

Researchers at DARPA hope that the advancements achieved from the development of the project could be used by the Department of Defense (DoD) in such areas as energy storage, biology/life support, computing, structures and navigation, informs TGDaily.

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