Wednesday, 24 Feb, 2010 Science

NASA to Build Roomy Balloon-Like Space Habitats


It is possible that in the near future astronauts will orbit planet Earth in spacious space balloons that will replace less roomy habitats used today.

It is worth mentioning that on February 1st, 2010, the White House decided that NASA should shift from its plans to work on moon missions to research and development.

On February 22nd, the space agency published on its website a detailed budget proposal that unveils NASA's plans. One of the sections mentioned that the new, balloon-like habitats can be less costly, more lightweight and larger compared to the traditional habitats made of metal.

According to NASA, new habitats can be used as space stations or even serve as moon bases. In order to analyze their ability to protect against space radiation, the agency looks forward to send the structures to the International Space Station.

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