Friday, 10 Feb, 2012 Science

Neuroscience Progression Could Lead to Creation of Mind-Controllable Weapon Systems


With the latest advancements in neuroscience it is possible that in the near future we could witness the appearance of weapon systems that soldiers can connect to in order to control with their power of mind.

The U.K.'s Royal Science says that new techniques used in the field of neuroscience can soon be adopted by the military with the goal of improving the training of soldiers, pilots and other personnel.

Studies carried out in virtual reality simulators confirm that weak electrical signals sent through the skull can lead to considerable improvements in identifying roadside bombs and snipers. According to Royal Science the level of accuracy increased almost twice in participants who went through minimal stimulation.

If studies continue, the military may consider using brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) to allow soldiers uses mind-controllable weapon systems.

However, there are some ethical concerns regarding the use of BMIs. For instance, who would get the blame in case the wrong target is hit? The person responsible for controlling the system or the machine connected to them?

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