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People Wearing Glasses Are More Intelligent


What would you first think looking at a man with glasses? Most probably you will have the image of a self-absorbed, socially isolated and hardworking nerd.

However, scientists say that short-sightedness is more likely to be linked to intelligence and open-mindedness.

The study conducted at the University of Melbourne's Centre for Eye Research Australia tried to find personality traits linked to myopia. During the study 633 twins and a comparative group of 278 members of families with myopia answered the questionnaires on their personality traits. Those people who came from families with myopia were supposed to have personality traits that were already present in their families.

The volunteers were evaluated according to five characteristics: extroversion, conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness and neuroticism.

The findings showed that there was no link between myopia and introversion, conscientiousness or passiveness, but there was a link with agreeableness and openness.

Though, the correlation between myopia and agreeableness was not very significant and was found mostly in the twins. But there was a strong association between short-sightedness and openness. This personality trait correlates with intelligence and high scores on this trait may indicate that a person is well-educated and has a lot of interests.

These results often corresponds to a belief that a person well-educated and intelligent, who reads and writes a lot is more likely to be short-sighted.

The study is published in the latest issue of the journal Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

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//16 Nov 24, 2010 11:17 AM | posted by: cossie
it is commonly known that myopia is caused by reading/writing lots, watching tv too close for too long periods and being on the computor too long and too frequently.
However, i did none of these things leading up to when I turned 11 and required glasses, and that's because of the statistic that asians have a 8/10 chance of getting myopia and europeans have a 2/10 chance.
I am a quarter mexican and three quarters chinese but since both my parents have myopia, I must have inherited it too.
When i first got glasses, and even now, I felt it was really unfair because I didn't do anything to deserve shortsightedness, it was from racial statistics and the way i was born.
In school i always made a huge fuss of it, it was hard to do sports/swimming (which i loved) because it got sweaty around my nose and kept having to be pushed up the bridge of my nose. I didn't like contacts either because I had bad hay fever and my eyes got sensitive and itchy whenever contacts were in, not to mention red and dry.
I used to model commercially and act in ads but I gave that up because a lot of the talent descriptions in auditions required me to have good eyesight, or wear contacts.
I'm in my 2nd to last year of highschool now and I still take off my glasses in photos because I think i look ugly in them and don't want to look back at the memories in my photos and remember wearing glasses.
I don't know but I've always thought glasses ruined my life - my career and sports.
I'm still trying to accept it, the way I look at it is that I'm already very lucky and blessed in my life because there are millions of people out there much worse than me, who may have lost limbs, be in wars, be hospitalised or alone with no family.
My opinion of glasses is a superficial first-world-problem and i guess my message to everyone here with glasses is to get over yourselves and think about bigger things in life.
Not to be rude or anything, but that's just my honest opinion and I'm trying to work towards that too.
43 votes

//15 Oct 28, 2010 02:10 AM | posted by: Lily!
Really not many people bully people with glasses I have been to schools: public and private and no one ever made fun of me. Some people called me a nerd because I was so good at math and I had glasses but that was only my friends who were teasing me.

Back when I got glasses in 2nd grade it wasn't that bad people noticed but only my friends because I had thin frames. When I got a new pair of glasses only my friends noticed. And here is the funniest part: when I got contacts in 8th grade only my friends noticed!

People really only notice if you go on and on about getting glasses or if you get thick frames (not lenses) in a dark color, out-of-the-ordinary pattern, or bright color. Three girls in my eighth grade class have gotten glasses this school year and its October! More are to come!

With my experience with glasses I learned: playing sports was horrible when I got sweaty, when the eye doctor squirts air into your eye hurts, pulling up your glasses up your nose is a habit, and as soon as you get contacts you will NEVER go back, at least for girls.
45 votes

//14 Jul 21, 2010 07:44 PM | posted by: glassesfreak
I hated when i first got glasses. But now i actually get more aknowledgement with them on. Plus they make me look older and more sofisticated.
41 votes

//13 Mar 24, 2010 10:41 AM | posted by: Mr.t
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41 votes

//12 Mar 06, 2010 07:59 AM | posted by: sarah
i need this question for my test
49 votes

//11 Feb 26, 2010 09:30 PM | posted by: Chrisdorf
Very inteestin. I love you love Chris
36 votes

//10 Feb 18, 2010 01:59 AM | posted by: Glasses weater
Bullies from glasses? What are you people talking about? Grow up. Bullies are social degenerates who likely go home to a terrible home with inadequate parenting.

I have never lacked confidence, but I admit when I started wearing glasses back in the 4th grade I was nervous. Kids, after all, can be terrible human beings. All I have to say to this, is if you find yourself uncomfortable with your glasses that will allow others to use it as ammunition against you. Two fixes for this, get over it, it's so you can see, what is wrong with that? Or two, buy a pair of glasses that truly accent and add to your face. You should try on at least a hundred pair of glasses before you make a decision in my opinion. They are there everyday, can be very expensive, and most of all you have to feel like they are an extension of yourself, not something merely resting on your nose.

And yes, in my arrogant glasses/contacts wearing opinion, I find that often a person who wears glasses is slightly more intelligent. Keep in my that society perceives glasses as having an intellectual flair to it. Often a glasses wearer will take on this perception and ultimately it becomes sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. At least that's my weakly formed theory on the subject.

I get compliments all the time on my glasses, but mine are very expensive would have been unattainable sans insurance. They are Oakley prescription glasses, not sunglasses, and were $600 retail from lenscrafter because I opted for their highest grade lenses. The Oakley frames were 170 but the lenses were over $200 a piece. With Insurance however they came down to $200 total out of pocket.

These are ridiculous prices, but certainly attainable if you have adequate insurance. In my long experience of wearing glasses I have found that cheap glasses always break. So I would suggest spending top dollar in terms of what you can afford.
36 votes

//9 Dec 14, 2009 02:15 PM | posted by: sh3shabona
والله جو العائله جذبني يعني relly i dont know what i do
57 votes

//8 Nov 25, 2009 04:30 PM | posted by: purple lover
I had my glasses about 2 months ago and still i don't have the courage to wear it in class. I'm just very self conscious about how I look and how others may think about me. But i do wear my glasses at home and my mom encourages me to start wearing it at class as well. Can someone give me some advice??
40 votes

//7 Nov 21, 2009 05:29 PM | posted by: fan 4 ever
i just my glasses a week ago and i hate wearing them. they are annoying on my face. i can see better. but i get scared to wear them. i hope that people like me will find the way overcome your fear of glasses. i guess i will keep on wearing because you will ruin your eyes if you dont. bye.
42 votes

//6 Jul 06, 2008 01:55 PM | posted by: samyBoy [InfoKID]
yeah right..i also wear glasses,,,the same experience as yours glassesgirl,,people who see me mostly says that i look better if i wear my glasses..and i have my first girlfriend because of my glasses cause her first impression to me was that i am good in class....thanks to my glasses
45 votes

//5 May 29, 2008 09:07 PM | posted by: glassesgirl
I had to get glasses when i was 17 years old but hated wearing them. When I moved out my parents house at 19 years old i threw them out. Now I am 32 years old and live in boyfriend noticed I was straining to see and he made an appointment to go to the eye doctor. I was horrfied when the doctor my eyes were bad i should wear them all the time except for reading. My boyfriend made me wear them all the time (I won't have if he didn't live with me). Any after about a month, I started liking wearing glasses. People thought I looked better in glasses, my boyfriend thought I looked sexier in glasses. I also noticed people took me more seriously and more intelligent. So I changed from a glasses hater to person who loves wearing glasses. I love the way I way I look in glasses, I feel sexier and people treat me more intelligently.
40 votes

//4 Apr 16, 2008 02:48 AM | posted by: Unknown
i love wearing glasses , wearing glasses makes me feel better i wear eyeglasses all the time
50 votes

//3 Apr 13, 2008 03:37 PM | posted by: Suresh.S.N.
there is a common belief that the persons wearing glasses are highly educated. if the study concludes it we have to accept it. but, does those are not wearing glasses are not intelligents?
42 votes

//2 Mar 30, 2008 11:02 AM | posted by: soundararajan [InfoKID]
i cant accept it
56 votes

//1 Mar 28, 2008 05:29 PM | posted by: alcotrazz [InfoMANIAC]
to tell you the truth, when in school i always felt sorry for kids wearing glasses... they always had to suffer from bullies and all those stupid jokes about glasses.. i don't wearg glasses myself, but i can't be sure that i won't some day... no one can.

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