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People Will Live Longer By Producing Own Body Parts


According to British researchers, the evolution of science will make it possible for patients to grow new body parts within their own bodies, thus old people will be able to live well beyond 100 years.

Currently scientists are developing a system that would make it possible for elderly to acquire body parts in specialized stores. In addition, in the near future the system will allow people to produce their own body parts that would replace the damaged ones.

It is worth mentioning that researchers have already performed several tests on heart valves that are still functioning 4 years after having been transplanted. Specialists from the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering at Leeds University consider that the system could help significantly improve the quality of life among the ageing population. The new project that scientists at the university are working on is entitled "50 Active Years after 50". Fifty million pounds were allocated for the project. Most of attention will be paid towards joints, spine, teeth, jaw, heart and circulation.

Scientist, working on the project, mainly focus their attention on a method of tissue and medical engineering. The team led by Professor Eileen Ingham, an immunologist, is working on a revolutionary technique of obtaining the living cells from donor human and animal parts, while leaving only the collagen or elastin "scaffold" of the tissue.

The new method could be available within 5 years. It allows human body to generate replacement of its own body parts. Professor John Fisher, researcher who supervises the project, said: "We are all living longer, but our bodies are wearing out at the same rate. We now want a more active lifestyle in our old age."

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