Thursday, 13 May, 2010 Science

Personalized DNA Test Kits to Hit the Stores Soon


Recently the biotech company Pathway Genomics announced that it will soon start selling personalized DNA tests. These tests will help people identify various diseases.

It is worth mentioning that this would be the world's first DNA test kit that ordinary consumers will be able to purchase. The kit entitled "Insight Saliva Collection" will make it possible for people to take samples of their saliva, by following given instructions, and then send the samples to a laboratory based in California.

As soon as the saliva sample is sent, the person can log onto the Pathway Genomics website, where a personal account needs to be created so the person could order the test he/she is most interested in. There are three tests that cost up to $249.

Researchers from Pathway Genomics can analyze the DNA of their client in search for markers which could inform about such diseases as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes and more. In addition, scientists can test for reactions to certain drugs like the anti-coagulant warfarin or tamoxifen, used to tackle breast cancer, informs Discovery News.

For additional $179, couples will also be able to get information on whether there is a chance of passing on hereditary diseases to their future children.

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