Monday, 15 Nov, 2010 Science

Pills with Microchip to Collect Your Biometric Information


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A Swiss company called Novartis AG hopes to launch onto the market a new type of pills that will be able to transmit information on the person administering them.

The "smart pill" includes a special built-in microchip that will be able to collect different biometrical data. It is worth mentioning that the revolutionary program will use one of the company's drugs administered by organ transplant patients.

Trevor Mundel, Novartis AG's global head of development, said that today there are several companies producing pills with microchips. The Swiss firm spent about $24 million dollars to obtain the rights that allow it to use the chip-in-a-pill technology.

It would be interesting to note that the "spy pills" are activated by stomach acid. After being turned on they transmit data to a little patch fixed on the patient's skin, which transmits information to a smartphone or via Internet to a doctor.

These pills will not only make sure the patient take his or her drugs on time but also ensure the right dosage. They will also report on whether the drugs are working properly, reports Reuters

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