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Prizes $27,000 Worth For the Best Undergraduate Inventor


An event meant to encourage young inventors will be held on Monday and Tuesday, February 11th and 12th in the University of Wisconsin Madison.

The UW-Madison Invention Days competitions will house 14 inventions designed and built by 49 UW-Madison undergraduate students. Among the presented inventions there will be solutions for ice fishermen, for tailgaters, for potato farmers, for modern laptops and even for airlines.

The young inventors will compete for the Schoofs Prize for Creativity (sponsored by UW-Madison alumnus Richard J. Schoofs) and Tong Prototype Prize (sponsored by the Tong Family Foundation and UW-Madison alumnus Peter P. Tong) with $27,000 overall prizes' value.

The competitions are to foster such valuable qualities as creativity, entrepreneurship and team work in students and to provide them with the possibility to acquire more experience with engineering, prototype-building and intellectual property. The jury will award inventions, which will be the most innovative and will have the most chance in succeeding on the market. Additional awards will be given for the best ideas and the best presentation.

The event will be open to the public and will require no fees for the entrance, thus anyone willing to see, what the young inventors have to present to the world, are free to visit the UW-Madison University. All the inventions' prototypes will be available for viewing in the first half of February 11, and in the morning, February 12. The winners of the young inventors' competition will be announced at noon, February 12.

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