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Radiation from Cell Phones Could Fight Alzheimer's, at Least in Mice


According to a new study carried out by a group of researchers from University of South Florida, the radiation from cell phones can reverse Alzheimer's-like symptoms. It is worth mentioning that the team, led by Juan Sanchez-Ramos, made its research on genetically tweaked mice.

Currently it is unknown how exactly does the radiation protect against Alzheimer's. Scientists offer several explanations. They suggest that microwaves produce cellular stress in the brain. This stress engages DNA repair mechanisms inside the brain.

At the same time Juan Sanchez-Ramos, the co-author of the research, warned that the study did not represent "a perfect replication of cell phone use in humans." In addition, the scientist mentioned that the results of the study do not mean that the radiation from cell phones would have the same effect on humans. This is due to the fact that Alzheimer's disease develops differently in humans, said George Perry, an Alzheimer's specialist from the University of Texas, San Antonio, who did not take part in the study.

More information regarding the experiment can be found here.

Perry also mentioned that the results of the current study could also mean that radiation from cell phones might be harmful for health. At the moment, however, scientists are still debating about the influence of radiation from cell phones on human brain, with some considering that cell phone use could lead to the development of brain cancer.

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