Wednesday, 12 Aug, 2009 Science

Researchers Could Create Perfect Visual Memory Drug


A team of researchers was able to isolate a protein that could help people obtain a perfect memory. Spanish scientists recently reported they discovered a substance that could be used as a memory-booster.

While carrying out experiments on mice and examining the visual cortex, a brain area that till now has been poorly studied, researchers found that if they increased the production of RGS-14 they could significantly increase the animals' ability to remember the things that have seen. It was discovered that mice that had a boost of the protein in the visual cortex were able to keep in mind the objects for up to 2 months. Usually mice remember these objects for an hour or so.

Scientist mentioned that the mystery region of the visual cortex, called layer 6 of region V2, plays a role in creating visual memories. If the region is removed, mice will be unable to remember anything they see. More information on drugs and studies can be found here at, check the links at the bottom of the article.

In case the protein is found to increase memory in humans, it could be used for a wide range of purposes. An interesting fact is that the protein has an effect only on visual memory. It can prove to be useful for those who need to remember a lot of visual images at once, like say engineers or architects. Spies would like to take advantage of the protein as well. Additional information on the research you can find here .

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