Wednesday, 30 Dec, 2009 Science

Researchers Create See-through Goldfish


A group of researchers from Japan managed to create a transparent goldfish that would represent an alternative to classroom dissections, which raise controversies, especially among those who fight for animal rights.

Due to the fact that the scales and skin of the see-through fish do not have pigments, it is possible to observe its organs, including a live heart, small brain and black eyes. Mie University Professor Yutaka Tamaru said that there is not need to cut the fish since everything can be observed from the outside.

The "Ryukin" fish was created after the Japanese scientist selected and bred mutant hatchery goldfish with pale skin. "As this goldfish grows bigger, you can watch its whole life," mentioned Mr. Tamaru. He added that the new, transparent fish, could live up to 20 years and its body can grow up to 25 centimeters (10 inches) in length, informs AFP. The goldfish will also increase its weight to over 2 kilograms (five pounds).

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