Wednesday, 06 Apr, 2011 Science

Researchers Create the World's Most Precise Atomic Clock


Led by Professor Hidetoshi Katori a team of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo together with Professor Victor Flambaum managed to develop the world's most accurate atomic clock that can estimate time up to 17 digits.

It would be interesting to note that the clock is so sensitive that it is able to detect even changes in the gravity of our planet.

The invention will also be able to considerably improve GPS tracking systems. In addition, the clock will be able to identify minor height differences to the range of 10 centimeters.

It is worth mentioning that atomic clocks are created to estimate International Atomic Time or the Universal Time Coordinated. The two are considered to be more accurate than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

However, these clocks can be less accurate due to the unwanted noise from the clock's laser that can make the clock lose track.

The optical lattice clock, however, annuls this effect, which makes it more accurate and "stable."

The new atomic clock can be used in a number of important applications, including searching for minerals and hydrocarbons underneath the ground strata. It can also be useful in searching for oil, reports Gizmowatch.

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