Monday, 12 Jul, 2010 Science

Researchers Hope to Build 3D Printer to Print Human Organs


The 3D-Bioplotter is a device that allows creating biomaterials that are designed on a computer. EnvisionTEC is a company based in Germany that managed to create a Rapid Prototyping tool able to process biomaterials.

By making use of a process entitled Computer Aided Tissue Engineering, the Bioplotter is able to make 3D scaffolds composed of different biomaterials ranging from soft hydrogels to hard ceramics and metals.

At the moment researchers use their printer to fabricate biogradable scaffolds that are then used to make bone implants.

Dr. Vladimir Mironov, director of the Advanced Tissue Biofabrication Center at the Medical University of South Carolina, mentioned in an interview that the main goals is to print human organs like kidneys and livers.

In order to manufacture a machine that would be able to print human organs, researchers will need about $200,000, informs TGDaily.

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