Thursday, 11 Feb, 2010 Science

Researchers Unveiled the Portrait of 4000-year-old Human


A team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen, headed by Professor Eske Willerslev, managed to successfully finish the DNA analysis of human hair earlier discovered in Greenland's permafrost.

According to the results of the analysis the hair belongs to a 4,000-year-old man, who had brown eyes and thick dark hair. The man was nicknamed "Inuk," which means "human" in Greenlandic. The analysis found that Inuk was prone to baldness.

According to the researchers, the man's ancestors had migrated from Siberia, informs BBC. "It's a very hostile environment and I was really surprised that people could live up there," said Professor Willerslev. The scientist also mentioned that Inku had a body that managed to adapt to a cold climate.

In addition, the man had shovel-shaped front teeth, dry earwax, which made him more susceptible to earn infections and it seems that the Inku died young. Such conclusion was made after researchers found him with tufts of thick head hair, though he was prone to baldness. The team still has to answer the question why did these men die out.

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