Monday, 31 May, 2010 Science

Robot Moon Base to Be Raised by 2020


Japanese researchers have decided to build a moon base that will serve as a tool for space exploration. The moon base will be constructed by humanoid robots that Japan looks forward to send to the moon.

The project is expected to cost around $2.2 billion. The machines, each weighting around 660 pounds, will be surveying Earth's natural satellite in 2015, taking pictures, gathering rocks and returning them to Earth on a rocket for seismographic study.

Afterwards they will construct an unmanned base next to the moon's South Pole in 2020, reports CNET.

The moon base will use solar pales to harness solar energy. Researchers will operate robots from Earth, but the machines will also be able to operate autonomously to do specific tasks. The new moon base is expected to push forward the colonization of the moon, first by robots and then humans.

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