Thursday, 22 Jul, 2010 Science

Robots to Be Used to Perform Surgical Operations Without Human Support


According to US researchers, in the near future robots will be able to perform surgical operations on real persons without the implication of human surgeons. One of the researches has shown that a machine is able to identify and operate on a human organ without any help from a surgeon.

In the research, a team of scientists at Duke University in North Carolina, headed by Professor Stephen Smith, used a robotic arm merged with ultrasound to perform test operations on a section of raw turkey breast.

The robotic arm made use of ultrasound to scan the tissue and find the section that had to be removed. Afterwards artificial intelligence was used to obtain real-time 3D data and give the machine certain commands to carry out. Then the robot arm used the same biopsy tool that human surgeons use to be able to get to a section of tissue and take samples.

It is worth mentioning that turkey is quite often used in medical studies due to the fact that its texture is similar to human flesh. In addition, the turkey's texture scans almost the same way during ultrasound, reports Daily Mail.

So far surgeries that involve robots are performed under strictly monitored by human surgeons who control each movement of the machine.

Today obtaining and processing information are the major issues that need to be solved. Researchers believe that the problem can be overcome with faster processors and improved algorithms.

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