Tuesday, 24 Mar, 2009 Science

Scientist Developed Formula for the Perfect Penalty Kick


Experts managed to come up with a formula for the ideal penalty kick in soccer. Specialists at Liverpool John Moores University analyzed hours of footage in order to explain what makes a shot unstoppable.

They say that the speed of the shot should be not less than 65mph and the player must have a run-up of 5 to 6 paces starting from the edge of the 18-yeard line. In addition, the soccer player has to approach the ball at a specific angle, and namely 20 to 30 degrees.

The ball must cross the goal line at 0.5 meters below the cross bar and the same distance inside either post. According to the researchers, the formula ensures 100 percent success.

To be able to create the formula for the perfect penalty kick, researchers used Sky Sports HD cameras, which were mounted at the back of goal nets. With their help the team managed to study spot kicks, reports The Sun.

Professor Tim Cable, director of sport and exercise sciences, stated: "Many factors make up a 'perfect penalty'. But we've finally nailed the key elements."

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