Friday, 12 Oct, 2007 Science

Scientist Predicts Humans Will Marry Robots


British scientist was awarded a PhD by the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, for his work claiming that marriage between robots and human will become common in the near future.

David Levy, an artificial intelligence scientist wrote a thesis Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners where he says that robots can become even more suitable partners for humans. In his work he explains that changing views on marriage and the development of sophisticated robots will lead to more intimate relationships between them.

Levy's opinion is based on his analysis of 450 publications in the variety of fields such as robotics, materials science, psychology, sociology, artificial intelligence, sexology, gender studies and computer-human interaction.

His research implies that today's trend like more liberated attitude towards sex, or human passion for virtual pets, like Tamagotchi, will inevitably result in humans having affection for robots to become a common thing like the relationships between humans of today.

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