Tuesday, 28 Aug, 2007 Science

Scientists developed a method to sort a boy from a girl


Scientists became one step closer to gender selection applying an innovative technique of separating a boy-to-be sperm from girl-to-be one.

A study based at the University of California, Irvine and San Diego developed a technique that would improve quality of fertilization by sorting the fastest and strongest sperm that has more chances for success for those parents who apply to in vitro fertilization.

This method uses laser trap that let the "winners" go further and stop low swimmers. Scientists applied a technique that was earlier used for other purposes like sorting atoms now can make a breakthrough in fertility science. The use of laser with cone-shaped lenses make up a trap where only strongest and fastest sperm breaks through. The sperm that has less energy to get through the trap will slow down or simply stop.

This method is believed to be effective in gender selection too as Y sperm required for a boy is faster than X sperm required for a girl. This means that sperm that was selected by laser trap would be male ones. Scientists say this finding can be very useful in animal husbandry as well as for fertility treatment in humans.

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