Monday, 17 Jan, 2011 Science

Scientists Invent New Method of Creating Energy-Producing Clothes


A team of researchers at the University of Texas, in Dallas, managed to invent a new method of using nanotubes and special powders, especially powered boron and magnesium. Currently the research is in its early stage, but one of its most useful applications could be wearable power supplies.

"Powders are very important functional materials because they have very high surface area," says Ray Baugham, director of UT's MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute.

The technique involves the spraying of web nanotubes with powder. After doing so, the nanotubes and powder can twist the material into a yarn. A nano-yarn can be later used for different applications, some of which could be used to create very tough structural materials, reports TechnologyReview.

However, the most impressive thing is that these nano-yarns could be used to make clothes that can accumulate energy that can charge smartphone and other devices people usually wear in their pockets.

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