Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2007 Science

Scientists Manage to Revive Sensations in the Amputated Limbs


Scientists had given chance to all amputees managing to provide sensations to amputated limbs. Researchers from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University conducted an experiment, where they channeled the key nerves to the chest that send sensations from hands to the brain. Two patients with lost arms reported that they manged to get the feelings in their artificial limbs.

During the study, scientists accomplished the task of rerouting the nerves to the chest where a variety of sensations, like physical pressure, heat and cold sensations as well as electrical stimulus were applied to help amputees feel their artificial limb.

Two volunteers: a 54-year old man with missing arm after electrical burns, and a 24-year old woman who had her left upper arm amputated after a car accident took part in an experiment, where their main nerves were reestablished to he hands and transferred to different areas of the chest.

People who took part in a study said that they could not only feel their arm and hand, but they were also able to pinpoint the area where they had the particular sensation and describe it. When these patients were touched on the chest, they reported about sensations in their artificial limb.

This can lead to a breakthrough in medicine, creating a nervous system feedback in devices that substitute the missing limbs.

Although researchers claim that full reestablishment of the nerve sensations were not made yet due to the fact that it may be due to the differences in spatial perceptions.

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