Thursday, 16 Apr, 2009 Science

Scientists to Cultivate Vegetables on Moon


American researchers look forward to growing vegetables on the Moon. In their experiment scientists want to see whether a future colony on the Earth's satellite will be able to grown its own food.

Based in Arizona, the Paragon Space Development Corporation recently informed about its plans to take mini-greenhouses to the Moon and land them there, thus being able to grow flowers and hardy vegetables that are part of the brassica family, which includes sprouts and cabbages. The grown vegetables will serve as food for livestock.

It is worth mentioning that Paragon has worked with specialists from NASA. The corporation calls its 1.5-feet-tall space greenhouse a "Lunar Oasis".

It is expected that the tiny greenhouse will be launched by 2012. The company that will perform the launch will be Odyssey Moon Ltd that takes part in the Google Lunar X Prize. The later will reward the project that will prove to be successful in launching, landing and operating a rover on the Moon's surface.

Due to the fact the brassica transforms from seed to flower in 14 days, its life cycle will end in one lunar night, reports The Age.

"Colonising the Moon or Mars seems so far away, but it is important that we do this research now," said Jane Poynter, the president of Paragon.

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