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Scientists Unearth Victims of Human Sacrifice During the Incas Civilization


Archaeologists working at the Chotuna-Chornancap camp in Peru found the remains of almost three dozen people that were sacrificed by the Incan civilization about six centuries ago.

Some body show signs of cuts along their necks and collarbones. The remains were discovered in good conditions by the team of archaeologists led by Carlos Webster.

The site, where the excavations take place, extend over a territory of 235 acres and is located 12 miles outside the coastal city of Chiclayo, next to the ancient tomb of Sipan. It is worth mentioning that the tomb of Sipan was one of the greatest finds of the 20th century.

This is the first time that archaeologists discover the remains of 33 people at one site, though specialists often find proof of human sacrifice from Incan and pre-Incan cultures, reports The Daily Telegraph.

"Most of the remains belong to young women, around 15 years of age. One of them appears to have been pregnant because in her abdomen, the collarbone of a fetus, probably around 4 months, was found," said Mr. Webster.

He added that most of the bodies were discovered in good condition, with samples of skin tissues and hair. All of them were unearthed from a depth of 7 feet in a dry area.

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