Friday, 28 May, 2010 Science

Self-Healing Concrete Developed by URI Student


Michelle Pelletier, an engineering student from the University of Rhode Island (URI), managed to come up with self-healing concrete that is also cost-friendly.

The researcher worked together with URI Chemical Engineering Professor Arijit Bose to make a concrete matrix that was introduced into a micro-encapsulated sodium silicate healing agent.

After testing the new type of concrete on stress, it managed to recover 26 percent of its initial strength. According to the researcher, she can considerably increase the amount of the healing agent, informs Gizmag.

The agent would be easier to produce and thus it would be more cost-effective. "Smart materials usually have an environmental trigger that causes the healing to occur. What's special about our material is that it can have a localized and targeted release of the healing agent only in the areas that really need it," said Pelletier.

Currently she is studying the effectiveness of the healing agent in terms of corrosion of steel rebar inside the concrete structures.

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