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Small Nuclear Conflict Would Be Enough to Destroy Ozone


Scientists predict that a nuclear war between India and Pakistan would lead to a destruction of ozone layer and cause disastrous consequences for the mankind.

Dr Michael Mills and his colleagues of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics created a computer model of the possible nuclear conflict between two countries that are believed to possess at least 50 weapons apiece, evaluating how much fire would be produced in this case.

The researchers concluded that a nuclear war between South Asian countries would be enough to make a big hole in the ozone layer that absorbs the sun's high frequency ultraviolet radiation, which is potentially damaging to life on earth.

More than 5 million tonnes of soot that would result from the fires in these cities will destroy the troposphere, the lowest part of the atmosphere, while the heat from the sun will send the blackened particles in to stratosphere. Reaching the top of the stratosphere, the soot would absorb the radiation from the sun and this will lead to a chemical reaction that would destroy ozone.

The researchers warn that depletion of ozone was 20% globally over the five years and losses will continue for five additional years.

The ultraviolet radiation the mankind would be exposed to is likely to result in cancer, damage eyes and skin and lead to the destruction of plants and damage to animals.

Mills explained that this study showed that even a small exchange of nuclear power can lead to irreversible consequences.

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//3 Oct 16, 2008 05:38 AM | posted by: bob
how many nuclear bombs would it take to destroy the atmosphere
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//2 Sep 20, 2008 12:05 AM | posted by: summer_rain [InfoMANIAC]
Does anyone know that ozone is a huge threat for human health as well? In big altitudes, it has a positive effect, because it acts like a protective screen against ultraviolet radiation. But in large cities, the smog that results from polluting is transformed into ozone, which is dangerous for the lungs. Once inhaled, it can lead to a lot of respiratory diseases, and it can also worsen the symptoms and sensibility of asthmatics to certain allergens. That's why it is advicing to avoid long walks at noon hours in summer, exactly when ozone concentration is maximal. But, even when toxic, this gase is vital for people on Earth, that's why it is very important to preserve it...
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//1 Apr 26, 2008 08:40 PM | posted by: umerjs [InfoKID]
plz do something and plz safe the ozone layer plz

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