Friday, 28 Jan, 2011 Science

Solar-Powered Roads to Solve the Problem with Snow-Covered Highways


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Places where people often witness an abundant amount of snow in winter face a serious problem linked with roads. Billions of dollars are spent each year to remove the snow and repair the roads damaged by the weather.

In order to solve the problem, a researcher proposed two different solar powered road systems. The idea belongs to Rajib Mallick, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

He said that the issue could be solved if pipes filled with freeze-resistant fluids are incorporated in pavement that will be heated by the sun and placed in an insulated chamber.

During a snowy weather the ice that hits the roads will be melted with the help of the heated liquid, thus making the roads clear.

It would be interesting to note that the heating fluid can also be used to produce power for nearby buildings. According to the author of the invention, the whole project will cost about $12,500 for every 50 meters of pipe. He also added that the project will be able to pay for itself in only 6 months, reports Mother Nature Network.

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