Friday, 15 Feb, 2008 Science

Solar System Similar to Ours Discovered


Astronomers discovered a planetary system that is almost identical to ours.

Solar SystemResearchers at Ohio State University called the planetary system OGLE-2006-BLG-109L . They claim that it has two planets orbiting a star. The latter is about half the size of our sun. One of the planets has a mass equal to two-thirds the mass of Jupiter. The other planet boasts a mass that is 90 percent the mass of Saturn.

One of the planets orbits its star at a distance twice shorter than the distance between Saturn our Sun. The second planet is located at half the distance between Jupiter and the Sun.

To discover the new solar system astronomers used a technique called microlensing, which is based on the principles of Einsteinian gravity. According to their calculations, if in the continuous movement of the stars, two stars become aligned with the Earth, the gravity of the nearest star is shifted, which in its turn contributes to the temporal increase in brightness of the distant star.

Scientists manged to discover as much as six stars. During the Scorpius event, they found several planets, which gives hope for further important discoveries.

Dr Scott Gaudi explained that the new planetary system looks like a scale model of our solar system and the two newly discovered planets might have the right conditions for the development of life. The current study was published in the journal "Science".

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