Thursday, 23 Jul, 2009 Science

Studying Apollo Landing Site with Solar-Powered Moon Rover


Together with his team, Dr. William Whittaker, join forces with Astrobiotic Technology to create a solar-powered rover prototype. Scientists look forward to study the landing site of Apollo and discover how materials used during the moon mission have fare after 40 years since Neil Armstrong made his big step for humanity.

It is worth mentioning that the current rover is one of the entries for the $25 million Google Lunar X Prize. It includes two motors stored in the hub of each wheel. On one side it features a flat radiator that tilts up to the sky, while the other side has a half-cone of solar generators that provide energy to the wheels, power computers, as well as to transmit stereo HD video back to Earth.

Currently the team analyzes ways of protecting the solar powered rover from minus 240 F lunar nights. They are trying out different ways to fit lithium ion batteries

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