Wednesday, 15 Aug, 2007 Science

Teenagers are Truly Madly in Love


Specialist who analyzed teenager's behavior when they were in love came to conclusion it didn't differ much from manic mental disorder.

Serge Brand and his colleagues from University Clinics in Basel conducted a research where 113 adolescents, where 65 percent claimed to be in love, had to answer the questionnaires concerning behavior, emotional state and sleep patterns.

After an extensive study scientists found out that the lovestruck many teenagers were in, resembled hypomanic illness. They demonstrated most of the symptoms characteristic for this mental disorder. For example, most teenagers slept less than their peers who were not currently in love and acted irrationally spending too much money or were obsessed with a lot of ideas. The overflow of energy they experienced often lead to risky behavior on the road.

Specialists warn that teenager's conduct during early stages of love obsession can mislead psychopathologists when diagnosing the manic disorder. Their compulsive behavior borders on the mental disorder and this fact should be taken into consideration, experts say.

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