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Teenagers are Truly Madly in Love


Specialist who analyzed teenager's behavior when they were in love came to conclusion it didn't differ much from manic mental disorder.

Serge Brand and his colleagues from University Clinics in Basel conducted a research where 113 adolescents, where 65 percent claimed to be in love, had to answer the questionnaires concerning behavior, emotional state and sleep patterns.

After an extensive study scientists found out that the lovestruck many teenagers were in, resembled hypomanic illness. They demonstrated most of the symptoms characteristic for this mental disorder. For example, most teenagers slept less than their peers who were not currently in love and acted irrationally spending too much money or were obsessed with a lot of ideas. The overflow of energy they experienced often lead to risky behavior on the road.

Specialists warn that teenager's conduct during early stages of love obsession can mislead psychopathologists when diagnosing the manic disorder. Their compulsive behavior borders on the mental disorder and this fact should be taken into consideration, experts say.

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42 votes

//11 Jun 25, 2009 11:35 PM | posted by: Patrick Dillon
i disagree, love at any age is a mental disorder
37 votes

//10 Jun 03, 2009 12:23 AM | posted by: RyuSAIham
im in love with a girl and both of us are happy and now we re far away cos we got to study for our careers and future and both of us think alike and we move on with a strong passionate hope with love and email everyday and phone each other occasionally :)...and the times we talk ...i just forget all that was on my mind and we both just ...feel happy at the moment its a wonderful not describable feeling that moment...I love her so much and we draw near the day we be together forever ...we are together emotionally ,and yeah when you re a teen, you make mistakes at first,but you can learn what true love is...
I know Im in love and im never letting anything break us apart
49 votes

//9 Mar 06, 2009 11:50 PM | posted by: Jilani
To be able to truly love someone special and be truly loved that special someone is something to be treasured and cherished forever and ever. But don't confuse puppy love with true love. And not everyone may experience true love in their entire life time. I didn't till I was over 40.
47 votes

//8 Aug 08, 2008 11:29 AM | posted by: Brittany
me and my baby are madly in love. we have been together for 5 months and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. i have had alot of boyfriends before but i have never felt this way and the feeling that i have right now is undescribable and i want it to last forever.
41 votes

//7 May 29, 2008 04:01 AM | posted by: samantha aka shorty
ive fallen madly in love with a guy named john and we have been going together for five months and i do know that teenagers can and do fall in love they just have to truely love the person
41 votes

//6 May 18, 2008 08:05 PM | posted by: Unknown
I am madly in love with a girl and I would love to be with her for the rest of time because every time I'm near her I forget about the rest of the world and just want to stay stuck in that moment forever. I'm 15 and I've dated many girls and liked them very much, but I have never felt as deeply happy with them as I do with her. What sucks is she lives far away and I almost never get to see her anymore, but, I know from her, teenagers can fall in love.
48 votes

//5 Nov 27, 2007 03:56 AM | posted by: brianna
wat sucks when ur in luv as a teenager is that you get hurt so easy
49 votes

//4 Oct 30, 2007 07:29 PM | posted by: ginger
im too hopeful when in love. But, how can you truly be in love so quickly, and if you stay with that person for the rest of your life.
30 votes

//3 Aug 31, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: Laura [InfoMANIAC]
my friends always told me i am too much idealistic when in love. when i was a teenager i could fall in in love like very few months
48 votes

//2 Aug 19, 2007 09:24 PM | posted by: Drace
I concur, I been on the recieving side of such mental illness when I was in highschool.
36 votes

//1 Aug 16, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: Unknown
thats true!

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