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The Best Inventions of 2010


Throughout the year 2010 we published lists that included various inventions.

The lists were published each month and you, our reader, voted for the one you liked the most.

Today we present the list of inventions that became the most popular in 2010.

In short, we selected the best of the best, and here are the winners of each month in 2010.

December 2010 - Anti-Stress Pen

November 2010 - Device that Turns Methane into Electricity

October 2010 - New Tech to Help Plant 900,000 Trees a Day

September 2010 - Hair-Washing Machine

August 2010 - Technology That Helps You Feel 3D Pictures

July 2010 - Machine Able to Convert Plastic Into Oil

May 2010 - Robotic Nano-Spiders

June 2010 - First Interactive Film

April 2010 - Device that Identifies Fire Outbreaks

March 2010 - Technology That Turns Arm into Touchscreen

February 2010 - Water-based Material - Replacement for Plastics

(P.S. Since there was no article on latest inventions of January 2010, the current list of inventions starts with February.)

You can find all the winners here By clicking on a poll's title you can see the inventions shortly described in the article and by clicking "Read more…" you can read full information on the selected invention.

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