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Tough Artificial Bone Tissue Produced from Fish Scales


A duet composed of scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology managed to come up with a technology that is able to generate bone tissue from fish scales.

Although today there already are systems able to create bone tissue, these usually need six months to complete the task. The new process requires only 3 moths to cultivate bone tissue from fish scales and phosphate minerals.

Initially researchers Toshiyuki Ikoma and Junzo Tanaka wanted to come up with a new way of making artificial bone tissue that could be used to help elderly patients suffering from bone tumors. In most cases the elderly need more time to heal and current artificial bones still pose a risk of infection.

In the near future fish collagen could be used to effectively and with lower risk heal severe bone fractures and different skeletal diseases.

It is worth mentioning that the artificial bones created by the two researchers boast high density and strength. In addition, the bone made from fish scales incorporates and becomes part of the artificial bone quicker than earlier attempts.

According to researchers, fish scales could offer many other health benefits in the future, for example to make artificial human tissue.

[via Physorg]

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