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UAE Scientists Created World's First Cloned Camel


Scientists from the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday stated that they managed to create their own version of the first cloned mammal in the world, Dolly the ship, after a cloned camel came to life in Dubai this month.

According to Dr Nisar Wani, a researcher at the Camel Reproduction Centre, the animal is world's first cloned camel.

The camel with one hump, called Injaz, saw the light on April 8. The animal was the result of 5 years of work carried out by scientists at the Camel Reproduction Centre and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory.

"This significant breakthrough in our research program gives a means of preserving the valuable genetics of our elite racing and milk producing camels in the future," said in his statement Dr. Lulu Skidmore, scientific director at the Camel Reproduction Centre.

Camel's name means "achievement" in Arabic. Injaz is the clone of a camel that was killed for meat in 2005, The National newspaper reported.

Researchers extracted the camel's DNA from cells located in its ovaries and introduced them into an egg, which was obtained from the surrogate mother in order to make a reconstructed embryo.

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