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Undies That Eliminate the Smell of Fart


One of the latest Japanese inventions gathers a lot of attention, mainly due to its oddness and originality. A textile company called Seiren, with headquarters in Fukui Prefecture, presented its product line dubbed Inoidore Shukan Shoshu , which includes perfumed undershorts and t-shirts that reduce the smell of anal acoustics by 80 percent.

The underpants hit the Japanese market on April 16, when the company presented a pair of men's briefs, which, however, were quite pricey - 4,800 yen ($49.5).

"Our company has developed various odor-erasing products in the past. But this one can reduce odor by 80 percent in 30 seconds," says Tadao Fujitsubo, the vice-director of Seiren's R&D center. He outlined that the purifying power of the company's product is really impressive, diminishing slightly only after 200 washes.

To show how effective the garment is, Fujitsubo filled 2 containers with ammonia gas. One of the containers included average cotton, while the other featured a sample of the special fabric developed by Seiren. After Fujitsubo robustly shook the containers several times he started the nose test, in which reporters did not reveal any odor from the jar that included the new fabric.

It is worth mentioning that that Inoidore represents a textile that includes ceramic particles and metallic ions inside the fibers. However, some reporters are still skeptical about the effectiveness of the product in a real situation, when, for example a pungent person breaks wind.

In reply to reporters' skepticism Fujitsubo says: "We are very confident as we have conducted more than enough experiments. For the past two and half years, five of our R&D staff members spent their time dedicated to this research.". He noted that some of them even performed the research at their homes, informs the Tokyo Reporter.

"Family members and friends didn't offer to help in checking the efficacy of the products. So we passed gas inside of futons to check how much odor was being diminished," said Fujitsubo. He also mentioned that one of the local newspapers wrote about these undergarments, saying that they would be very useful at nursing homes.

He said: "My family began to see the significance of this work, and even my daughter started to help me in the testing - yes, with her nose." The sales of the new product continue increasing.

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