Wednesday, 29 Sep, 2010 Science

Volvo to Create Car Battery that Could be Installed Into Body Panels


Volvo's new project called Tomorrow's Volvo Car aims at reducing the weight of electric vehicle and finding the most suitable place to mount the power storage systems.

The company wants to develop a car battery that could be incorporated into the body panels of the vehicle.

Currently Volvo is working on the creation of these car panel batteries. The 3-year project was initiated by the Imperial College in London and costs 3.5 million Euro.

Researchers were able to come up with a new material that represents a combination of carbon fibers and polymer resin. The material is able to store and charge more power faster than conventional batteries.

In addition, the new material is flexible, which allows researchers to make different shapes out of it, and very strong, informs AutoBlogGreen.

A car made from this material is 15 lighter than a car made of steel body panels. It would be interesting to note that by installing the battery panel in the hood, doors and roof, the car will be able to register a range of 80 miles on a single charge.

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