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Vote for the Greatest Scientific Inventions Presented by Science Museum of London


To mark its 100th anniversary, the Science Museum of London decided to display ten models that it believes represent the greatest scientific inventions in history of human kind. It is worth mentioning that on June 22 the museum will celebrate its centenary.

The top 10 greatest inventions, according to Science Museum of London are as follows:

1. The steam engine;

2. The X-ray machine;

3. The electric telegraph;

4. The DNA double helix;

5. Stephenson's Rocket train;

6. The Apollo 10 rocket capsule;

7. The Model T Ford car

8. The Pilot ACE computer

9. The V2 German rocket engine;

10. Penicillin.

The museum will ask the public to vote for favorite invention throughout summer. Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, mentioned that he is going to vote for the V2 rocket engine. He believes that it is one of the greatest achievements in human history due to the fact that it made a huge leap to space exploration and satellite development. The latter, in its turn led to the development of mobile phones and a variety of communication services that humanity takes for granted nowadays.

Nitin Sawhney, a British musician, said he would vote for penicillin. "As an asthmatic recovering from a debilitating bout of pneumonia, I am painfully aware of how important a role penicillin has played in curing my lung infection," he said.

The chief curator of the Science Museum of London, Tim Boon, said: "We have selected these 10 objects because they are hugely significant in world history and (because of) the impact they had on how we live our lives today".

Anyone can vote for the invention they consider is the greatest. All that is required, for those who cannot come to London, is to check out and vote.

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