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Watching Favorite Movies Helps Kids Train Mind


According to the study carried out by experts at Massey University School of Educational Studies, watching preferred movies helps children learn. Scientists say that parents no longer have to worry about their children spending a lot of time at home since by watching their favorite movies they exercise their mind.

In order to focus on kids' behavior and their depth of understanding when watching a film, Brian Finch, a lecturer at Massey University School of Educational Studies decided to use the second movie from the Harry Potter series, entitled "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".

The scientist states that watching the movie is just as educational as reading the book of J.K. Rowling, whose boy wizard motivated a lot of children to start reading books once again.

A survey among school children found that "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" was the most popular movie among children with 17 kids saying they watched it for at least 10 times.

"Kids identify with Harry. He is not a superhero and like us, he's not top of the class or the best at ordinary things but he has these unusual talents we would like to have."

The release of Massey University School said that pairs of children who watched the film at a kid's home were videoed and scientists noticed different practices in viewing. There were pairs who talked and/or gestured to the display and each other and there were pairs who were saying little all the way through the movie.

It was said that children's gestures were not performed only at the literal level of imitating the action of the movie characters but also "at the personalized engagement level where they physically elaborated on characters' emotional states which were not being overtly expressed on screen."

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