Monday, 22 Jun, 2009 Science

White Sharks Hunt Their Victims Just Like Serial Killers


According to the latest study, the great white sharks hunt their victims the same ay serial killers do. Researchers discovered that sharks and human predators both kill their victims in an area that spreads out from a so-called "anchor point".

Using geographical profiling, police can track serial killers or rapists. This is because they usually commit their crimes is a specific region that radiates out of an anchor point, which can be their home or workplace.

With the help of the same mathematical methods, researchers managed to discover that the great white sharks had an anchor point as well. A group of scientists led by Neil Hammerschlag, from the University of Miami carried out a research on white sharks that hunt seals off in the waters of South Africa. Their study was published by the Zoological Society of London, reports Times Online.

Researchers found that the anchor point of the great white sharks was 100 meters offshore the place inhabited by the seals. "Shark hunting patterns are extremely difficult to study and the work here will have important implications for our understanding of the ways in which predators hunt their prey," said Steven Le Comber, a specialist on geographic profiling at the University of London.

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