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Women Become More Beautiful Over Generations, Researchers Say


Recently researchers discovered that over the generations women are become more beautiful. Scientists at the University of Helsinki carried out a study which claims that attractive women have more children compared to plainer ones. In addition the study showed that the majority of children born from beautiful women are girls, which led scientists to the conclusion that women are becoming more attractive as times go by.

In their research, scientists analyzed 2,000 American men and women for about 40 years of their lives. They analyzed the attractiveness of the study participants by the photographs that were taken throughout the research. Besides, scientists kept track of the number of children people had. Scientists discovered that beautiful women had about 16 percent more children and very beautiful women had 6 percent more children than their plainer counterparts. At the same time the study showed that the least attractive men had about 13 percent fewer kids.

It is worth mentioning that the current research was based on an earlier study which showed that it was easier to find beautiful women than attractive men due to the fact that beautiful parents had more daughters than sons. You can find similar studies here at www.InfoNIAC.com - check the links at the bottom of the story

But researchers believe that women are becoming more beautiful also because most of them want to look good and use different methods to improve their look. According to evolution expert, Dr Jack da Silva, from the University of Adelaide, the features of an attractive woman, such as a symmetrical face, could be a sign of genetic quality, which is why people have evolved to find such characteristics eye-catching. He mentioned that if one of the partners is attractive than their children are more likely to inherit that genetic quality "which increases your children's chances of survival and reproducing, thus the genes for beauty experience a high probability of being passed on to future generations."

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