Tuesday, 21 Oct, 2008 Science

Women Have Better Times with Computers than Men


Most women prefer spending time with their computers than with their husbands or boyfriends, the recent study says.

According to the online survey conducted by Harris Interactive, female office workers spend three times as much time with their computer, which is 9,3 hours a day on average, than with their partner, which is around 3,6 hours a day.

As much as 2600 American women took part in the poll that revealed that women love their computer more, even if it causes them pain in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome. Only one in five women wished she could have more time to spend with their men, the Telegraph reports.

Time spend at the computer becomes a major activity for women with almost two-thirds of women spending more time with computer than doing shopping or outdoors. Nearly half of respondents spend more time with their computer than with their family, while eight out of ten respondents preferring their computer to other activities like exercising.

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