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Women Wearing Size 8 Have More Sex


Researchers discovered that women wearing size 8 (equal to US size 6, Europe size 36) in average have sex more than other women.

Sixty percent of size 8 women, who took part in a survey, said that they had had at least one sexual intercourse in the past week. The survey was carried out by that interviewed 3,000 women, asking them about their dress size and how often these women had sex.

The study found that 50 percent of women who wear size 12 had also had sex over the past week. However, for women wearing size 26 the number dropped down to 33 percent with men having nothing to say in the matter.

Researchers also found that overweight people hadn't had sexual intercourse in over a year. This is mainly due to the fact that these people are concerned about being seen nude, informs The Sun.

According to Tracey Cox, a sex and relationship expert, people who are slimmer always look forward to "feel more sexually confident". In addition, he outlined that from the psychological point of view the more you like your body, the more you are willing to show it off to your significant other.

"Slimmer people also tend to be healthier and fitter which makes them more active and enthusiastic in bed," the expert said.

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