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Younger-looking People More Likely to Live Longer


Scientists claim that people, who look younger than their age, are likely to live a longer life. A team of scientists led by Professor Kaare Christensen, from the University of Southern Denmark, decided to test the idea that the perceived age of an individual may provide an overall indication of his physical condition.

Scientists observed twins in order to find the link between the perceived age and survival. In addition, they attempted to find the connection between the perceived age and several important characteristics that are related to the age, including physical functioning and mental power.

It is worth mentioning that the starting point of the study was the spring of 2001. Back then, scientists carried out physical and intelligence tests on 1,826 seventy-year old Danish twins. They also took pictures of their faces for the research. Scientists formed 3 groups of assessors who were asked to rate the perceived age of the study participants by looking at the photos. None of the assessors was aware of the real age of any of the twins.

Afterwards, according to the official website of the British Medical Journal that published the study, researchers studied the death records of twins to be able to track their survival over a seven-year period. The team found a strong connection between the perceived age and the longevity of a person, reports Daily Mail. They discovered that an older-looking twin was more likely to die first if his or her perceived age was bigger than that of the younger-looking twin. In regards to cosmetic surgery, Professor Christensen mentioned that such procedure was rather uncommon in the part of Denmark where researchers carried out their study, which is why this factor was not taken seriously into consideration.

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