Scientist and their contribution

If you are interested in scientist and their contribution into the field of water quality studies, Israel scientists have recently invented a new way to check water pollution - they are 'listening' to the 'speech' of the plants growing in water. Algae is greatly affected by any changes in water quality, so the testing of the plant could help scientists check water quality faster, more accurately and without heavy expenses.

The scientists measure the photosynthesis' rate in the algae, implying its ability to transform light into energy. During the process of photosynthesis, plants also release oxygen into the air. Depending on the algae condition and the photosynthesis rate, some amount of the heat is shot back into the water, and sound waves are created. The scientists use a special underwater microphone for analyzing the strength of the sound waves and determining the 'health condition' of the plant and the corresponding condition of the water it is surrounded by.

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