Ten unnoticed effects of global warming

The scientists have recently presented the material on ten unnoticed effects of global warming. As you have most probably already noticed, the global warming results not only in melting of Arctic ices, it also brings fires to wild forests. Over the past several decades the countryside in the Western states of the USA has been severely damaged by more frequent, powerful and longer fires. With springs coming earlier and the snows melting earlier, forests have to come through longer draught periods.

Moreover, the mountains on our planet have been noticed to be growing steadily. The glaciers on the mountain tops, with immense masses of ice, slowed down the mountain growth. Now, as a result of the global warming, the glaciers started to thaw, and the rocks are growing faster with no considerable weight to push them down.

Environment (11 Jun, 2007)
Ten Unnoticed Effects of Global Warming
Global warming is, actually not only about thawing Arctic ices and rising temperatures all over the world, but it can have some effects, not everyone could think about. ...
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Science (16 Jun, 2009)
To Tackle Global Warming More People Need to be Born and Die
A group of researchers at Cal-Tech think that if the population of our planet would increase along with the increase of death rate, a greater amount of nitrogen would be taken out of the atmosphere, which in its turn would cool the Earth. ...
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Environment (14 Sep, 2007)
Second Smallest Country on Earth is Disappearing
Deputy Prime Minister of a tiny South Pacific island of Tuvalu calls to the rest of the world to take urgent action as his nation is at danger of disappearing due to global warming. Experts claim that island can sink in less than 50 years. ...
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Environment (01 Oct, 2007)
Antarctic Microbes to Tell about Past and Future of Climate Change
A new research, which was published in the journal Science, states that the mystery of glacial history of Antarctica may be solved with the help of plants, mites, springtails and worms. ...
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