Terms of Use

  1. When using the InfoNIAC it is important that you read carefully and get acquainted with these terms of use.

  2. Terms of Use Modification
    InfoNIAC team has the right to change or replace its Terms of Use at any time. Any change in the site's terms of use will be posted on the site's home page. You take the responsibility of becoming familiar with any changes.

  3. User's Registration Obligations
    In order to use the services provided by InfoNIAC you should register and select a password and user name. Your registration should include accurate information, otherwise you will violate our Terms of Use. This could result in immediate deletion of your account on InfoNIAC without prior notice. You are not allowed to use the username of another person for impersonating that person. You are also not allowed to use a name that is offensive, vulgar or obscene. If failed to take this into consideration InfoNIAC team has the right to delete user's account without prior notice.

    Before using our services you promise not to use them for purposes that are considered unlawful or prohibited by the current Terms of Use. Thus as an example but not limitation you agree not to use InfoNIAC services for:

    • abusing, harassing, threatening, impersonating or intimidating other users registered on InfoNIAC;

    • contributing any content that might be obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive or a content that can violate any law or right of any third party; so be friendly;

    • any illegal or unauthorized purpose;

    • creating or submitting spam to any other users of the site;

    • violating any laws in your jurisdiction, these include copyright laws;

    • submitting stories or comments linking to sites/blogs with off-topic content;

    • artificially altering any of the InfoNIAC services, this includes the creation of separate user accounts for artificial change of site's services or taking part in any other organized effort that can artificially alter the site's services.

    InfoNIAC reserves the right to remove any content and/or account at any time for any reason. Users are welcomed to report spam or any other violation of current terms of use by sending the necessary information on the following email: infoniac.team [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Submitted Content
    When uploading, submitting, disclosing or distributing any type of content at the site, unless the specific content has its source quoted, you guarantee that you are the full owner of the content.

  5. How to SUBMIT

    To be able to submit stories on InfoNIAC.com user has to write at least 20 comments. It is impotant that comments are on the subject and do not violate the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of InfoNIAC.com

  6. COPYRIGHT Rules

    InfoNIAC team respects the intellectual property of its users. We will investigate and analyze notices regarding any suspected infringement and will take specific actions. InfoNIAC reserves the right to remove the content that infringes the copyright law, as well as take certain measures to prevent access to any material that may be considered the subject of infringing activity. The InfoNIAC team also has the right to delete any reference or link that leads to material claimed to be infringing copyright law. Repeat infringers will receive a warning and any further violation of these terms of use will terminate the access to the site of certain account holders.
    Users may notify InfoNIAC of copyright infringement. To do this you may email us on infoniac.team [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. You admit that InfoNIAC has no control and responsibility over any action concerning:
    • which users access InfoNIAC.com;
    • effects that the content of the site may have on you;
    • how you understand or use the content.

    InfoNIAC holds no responsibility regarding the content submitted by its users. The site holds no liability regarding links leading to sites containing information that can be offensive or inappropriate. InfoNIAC will not be responsible for the accuracy, decency of content submitted by its users.

  8. Newsletters
    InfoNIAC reserves the right to send newsletters to registered users on an irregular basis. The newsletters will bear a stricly informational character, featuring events overviews, press-releases and other potentially interesting information.

  9. Links to Other Resources
    Services provided by InfoNIAC may include links to other sites or resources from the World Wide Web. Due to the fact that the site has no control over such web resources, you agree that InfoNIAC holds no liability for having such external sites. The site does not support and is not responsible any content, advertising, as well as products or other resources from such websites. In addition you agree that InfoNIAC will not take the responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss that can be caused by using any content, goods or services found on or through any such sites or resources.

InfoNIAC holds the responsibility to terminate some or all services and your account without prior notice, in case you violate partially or fully the terms of use. In case you want to terminate your account on InfoNIAC, you can just stop using the services or email us on infoniac.team [at] gmail [dot] com