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One in Ten Schoolchildren Believes in Creationism
[18 Sep, 2008] Science
To discuss this topic, I would like to first mention that I am a Theist of the Christian persuasion in the interest of transparency. That said, I would like to see some facets of my faith taught in school rooms, though not necessarily the science room. (I am an American and I can only suppose that British schools use separate rooms for different studies as we do here and will operate under this assumption unless otherwise corrected.) It seems to me that a large part of this debate stems from the fact that we don't really make a worthwhile attempt to understand one another in a cross cultural manner. An Atheist or people of secular thought should make attempts to understand at least the major religious faiths in their community just as much as a hard lined fundamentalist should make an attempt to understand secular thought. We have to live next to each other and the only way I can see us being good, conscientious neighbors is to actually know something about the person across the hall. I will clarify that I do not with to see even my own faith taught as science and fully agree that creationism is not a scientific theory. (Though I would say I subscribe to something of a hybrid of creationism and scientific theory.) I also do not think that these teachings of faith based information should be done in an evangelical sense. That is, not as a means to convert the masses, rather to act as an informational cultural liaison of sorts.
Swiss Cook to Serve Human Breast Milk Specialties
[18 Sep, 2008] Offbeat
(Edit: I should say I don't have a problem with the practice of using breast milk in the preparation of food but the notion doe snot sit well with me.)





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