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Tuesday, 19 Oct, 2010

Health & Fitness

Belly Buds Keep Your Baby in Tune

Did you hear that music has good effect on a growing baby? The makers of the Belly Buds certainly agree that listening to good music is good for your baby even before he or she is born.

The small speakers that can be attached to a mother's belly allow your baby listen to the music or father's voice easily.

The Belly Buds are compact and comfortable to wear for pregnant women and can become a good start for your child.


Saturday, 16 Oct, 2010

Health & Fitness

Philips Wake-Up Light Is Much Gentler Than Your Alarm Clock

Is it always difficult for you to wake up in the morning on those cold winter days? Many people hate their alarm clock and wish there could be something that will make mornings more pleasant.

Philips Wake-up Light is a good alternative to everyone, who wants to get up easier and happier. The device emits gradual light and natural sounds and brings that peaceful feeling to you every morning.

The light can be helpful for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), fatigue, children and adults of all ages.

Wednesday, 06 Oct, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Webcam System that Tracks Your Vital Signs

Nowadays many people are familiar with different monitoring system that can detect vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure and others.

The student from Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences has developed a new way of monitoring your health, using basic webcam.

The system tracks your heart rate when you simply look into the camera and does not require any contact.


Tuesday, 05 Oct, 2010

Health & Fitness

Fitness Watch that Can Track Your Swimming Training

If you are fond of innovative training devices that track your workouts, then you will probably enjoy using a new fitness gadget that works effectively in any conditions.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT watch is designed to track your activity while you are swimming, biking, running, hiking or doing any other sport.

The device is waterproof so that you can fearlessly use it in the water. It also tracks your position using GPS, monitors distance and pace and watches over your heart rate.


Thursday, 30 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Leg Master Machine Shapes Your Legs Fast and Easy

If you do not have too much time to exercise, but want to have toned legs and butt, you can start your daily routine with Leg Master.

Leg Master is a leg exercise workout system that was developed to shape up your legs and buttocks, working out hundreds of your body muscles.

The creators of the Leg Master claim that the effect can be visible just after using the machine for one minute a day regularly.


Monday, 27 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Philips Norelco Trimmer Does not Make Mess

Having a beard should not mean that you should look like a caveman, especially if you have a hi-tech trimmer that creates a perfect manly appearance.

Philips Norelco Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro is a trimmer that not only provides a smooth and even cut to your facial hair, but also keeps your place clean thanks to its vacuum system.

This trimmer is an ideal grooming tool for creating an even stubble, stylish beard and moustache. It works fast and shows the necessary info on the LED display.


Friday, 24 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Suunto M4 Guides You During Workouts

Many people prefer to do their daily fitness routine using new hi-tech devices, such as heart rate monitor.

Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor is one of the smart gadgets that can be used for everyone to increase the effectiveness of workouts.

The heart rate monitor tells how long and how intense should you exercise, providing a workout program that suits you the best.


Thursday, 23 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Balance Ball Chair that Replaces your Office Chair

If you want to stay fit even sitting at the office desk, the first thing to do is to switch your chair for a more functional thing, such as Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam has become very popular among people, who spent a lot of time in the office. It gives them better posture, increases their core strength and relieves back pain.

You can use this fitness tool as a regular chair or as a balance ball for your home workouts.

Tuesday, 21 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Maternity Clothing That Guard Pregnant Women from Radiation

If you are concerned about the possible harmful effect of radiation coming from cell phones and other technical appliances, you can wear specially designed clothing that will create a protective barrier from radiation.

Belly Armor by RadiaShield company has launched its protective line of T-shirts, blankets and belly bands for pregnant women that effectively block electromagnetic radiation.

The fabric of the clothing is made of conductive textile made of metal and fibers and is safe to wear during pregnancy.

Monday, 20 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

CoolSculpting Device Freezes Away Belly Fat

Scientists created a novel way to help you lose extra weight on most problem areas, such as love handles.

A device called CoolSculpting was developed by Zeltiq specialists to freeze away fat cells using new non-invasive cold therapy. As a result, you get rid of love handles, belly fat and other unsightly things.

The procedure is offered in many clinics in the US and has been approved by FDA.


Monday, 06 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Eat Cheese and Beans to Have a Baby Girl, Study Says

Women, who dream about having a baby girl, should stick to some diet rules and time sex several days prior to ovulation, a new study suggest.

Dutch scientists found that if a woman included more calcium and magnesium-rich food in her diet and had regular sex, she was more likely to give birth to a girl.

Previous studies suggested that women, preferring potassium-rich food, had better chances to conceive a boy.


Monday, 06 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Ionic Toothbrush that Uses Light and Water to Clean Teeth

Ionic toothbrushes were developed in Japan and now become increasingly popular in the US and other countries.

Soladey Ionic Toothbrush uses novel technology that cleans your teeth using light and water. Using the toothbrush is simple: you just have to expose it to any light source and rinse in the water.

This ionic toothbrush is claimed to remove plaque, reduce gum bleeding and bacteria more effectively than traditional toothbrushes.


Wednesday, 01 Sep, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Baby Garment That Helps Parents Watch Over Baby's Health

The US company Exmovere plans to introduce the first and only infant sleepwear that monitors vital signs of baby's health.

Exmobaby is a baby clothing kit made of washable, conductive fabric-based biosensor that tracks baby's heartbeat, emotional state and activity level.

The smart clothing will help new parents monitor their baby's health continuously and reduce the risk of SIDS or other health problems.


Friday, 27 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

Sound Beginnings System Plays Music, Voices to Unborn Baby

If you are enthusiastic about early learning and want to become closer to your baby while he or she is still in the womb, there is a way to create that special bond from the very start.

Sound Beginnings system is new device developed for pregnant women, which allows parents play music, sounds and voices to unborn baby.

The device is a comfortable band wrapped around the belly during pregnancy with build-in speakers that play music with the help of MP3 player.


Thursday, 26 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

StressEraser Calms Down Your Nerves

Stress can increase your blood pressure and tension and make you feel ill. If you struggle to keep yourself calm and relaxed, you can use a gadget that activates your body’s natural processes to reduce stress in just minutes.

StressEraser is a biofeedback device that helps you breathe in sync with your heart rate and regulate your bodily responses.

The biofeedback method allows you to train how to relax easily without the use of drugs or other complicated techniques, simply by regulating your breathing.


Tuesday, 24 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

Bicycling is Effective for Women's Weight Loss

Bicycling is an easy way to keep woman's weight under control, a new study says.

The long-term study of 18,414 women showed that just five minutes a day of riding a bicycle can prevent weight gain by more than 25 percent.

Bicycling is an effective way to lose weight, and the more time you spend riding the bicycle, the better, researchers found. They also recommend using bicycle instead of a car to get the most benefits from bicycling.


Friday, 20 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

Large-Breasted Women Should Wear Sports Bra for Running, Study Shows

Women with large breasts often experience discomfort during physical activities. Breast bounce during running may not only become embarrassing, but also impact woman's performance.

The recent study conducted by the scientists at the University of Portsmouth revealed that women running without sports bra are prone to more injures and need breasts support to avoid these problems.

Specialists recommend using sports bra for exercising and jogging, especially if a woman has C+ breast cup size. What is the best sports bra for large-breasted women?


Wednesday, 18 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

How Safe is Your Pillow?

Many people do not realize that their old pillow is home to germs, dust mites, mold and other health hazards.

Most experts agree that you should replace your old pillow every two years. But if this option is too costly for you, you can use pillow protectors.

Luna pillow protector was made from hypoallergenic material with the use of airflow technology that absorbs moisture and protects you against dust mites, bed bugs, mold and others.


Monday, 16 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

Personal Monitoring System that Sends Your Vital Data to iPhone

Proteus Biomedical came up with an innovative system that allows tracking your bodily data, such as heart rate, activities, body position and sending it to your mobile phone using Bluetooth.

The company is known for developing its "chip in the pill" technology, when the tiny chip is fitted in the pill and sends the signal when the pill is ingested in time.

The Raisin system also includes the monitor that records the information from the pill and tracks other vital events.


Wednesday, 11 Aug, 2010

Health & Fitness

Zinc is Best for Fertility

Women, who want to conceive, may need the increased amounts of zinc.

The recent study found that zinc plays an important role in helping egg become mature. The mineral is a key factor in the development of the healthy embryo.

Scientists at Northwestern University say that the findings of the study can be used to improve fertility treatments.

What are the best sources of zinc for a woman?


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