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Friday, 21 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

Fitbit: Your Personal Coach That Tracks Your Activity and Sleep

If you ever wanted to have a personal tracking system to keep you in shape and watch over your calories and sleep, you can start using the latest gadget called Fitbit. Compact and sleek Fitbit tracker is designed to analyze a variety of your activities and not just your workouts to give you the real stats about your activity level.

The device also monitors the number of calories burnt and your sleep quality and quantity to make sure that you make changes when needed. All the information that the Fitbit gathers is automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website, where you can see all the details about your healthy and unhealthy habits. READ MORE AT HEALTH.INFONIAC.COM

Thursday, 20 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

Chocolate and Coffee Inhalers to Replace Your Favorite Food

If you can hardly resist the temptation to eat another chocolate bar or feel that you are addicted to coffee, now there is a way to curb your cravings safely.

Le Whif Inhalers give you the taste of chocolate and coffee, becoming a yummy no-calorie alternative for everyone, who wants to cut caffeine or chocolate intake. The inhalers were developed by Dr.Edwards, a Harvard biomedical engineer, who introduced the idea of eating by breathing.

The inventor claims that it is enough to inhale small particles of his products to satisfy cravings without eating the food.


Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Device that Collects Menstrual Blood for Stem Cells

A new silicone device resembling menstrual cup that collects and stores menstrual blood for growing stem cells will soon be available to every woman.

Using menstrual blood for stem cells that have a potential for growing different human organs was discovered several years ago.

Chelsea Briganti, a student at Parsons The New School for Design came up with the idea to create a silicone tampon-like device called Mademoicell that collects menstrual blood for this purpose. Then the collected blood can be used for medical research.


Monday, 17 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

Better Marriage Blanket Protects Your Bed from Farting

Many couples keep silence about such embarrassing moments as passing gas in bed. Though the flatulence is a common problem for many people, it is quite difficult to deal with it.

Those, who want to have fewer awkward situations, may try to use a new blanket called the Better Marriage Blanket that claims to save your marriage from insulting odors of your partner's farts.

The blanket is imbedded with odor-eliminating material that keeps your bed nice smelling in any situation.


Wednesday, 12 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

Ultrasound to be Used as New Male Contraceptive

A new form of male contraceptive may soon become available to many couples seeking a reliable birth control method.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina are going to test the effectiveness and safety of a new male birth control. The new method uses ultrasound to the male testes that stops the production of sperm for six months.

This male birth control believed to be safe and reversible for men.


Wednesday, 05 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

New Mindless Method Aids in Weight Loss

Losing weight without dieting may sound too good to be true. However, the developers of the new weight loss method claim that you will shed pounds effectively and for long, following their simple program.

The Mindless Method that was created by Dr.Brain Wansink at the Cornwell University is focused on small changes in eating habits that will substitute the unhealthy ones. During the study conducted by the researchers, people reported about more effective weight loss and long-term results.

The program does not require you to count calories or measure your portions, but make consistent changes in the environment where you eat.


Tuesday, 04 May, 2010

Health & Fitness

Top 10 Green Shaving Alternatives

Shaving products are among the biggest sources of waste and pollution. Disposable razors, chemicals in shaving creams and foams, water waste from wet shaving become an increasing concern for the environmentally conscious people.

Going green on shaving includes a number of steps, like using organic and natural shaving creams and other products, turning off the tap while shaving or using electric shaving.

There are also other eco-friendly shaving products that help you save the environment.


Thursday, 29 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Robot that Helps You Shed Pounds

Many people fail to lose weight on their own and need to be supervised to achieve success in weight loss. Soon, they will be able to buy themselves a personal weight loss coach that helps them keep track of their diet and exercising program.

The Autom, a robot that was released by Intuitive Automata company, was designed to improve individual weight loss plan and give advice to the user according to the information that the user gives.

The controlled study showed that the users were more motivated to keep to their weight loss regimen when using the Autom than other methods like computer-based system or paper-based program.


Wednesday, 28 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Sensis Condoms Make Condom Use Quick and Easy

Many men, who refuse to use condom admit they do not want to spoil the moment, putting it on during sex. While condom is considered one of the most reliable birth control methods, difficulties with condom use are still quite common.

New Sensis Condoms with QuikStrips were designed to prevent the most frequently met problems with condom use. They have QuikStrips, tabs that are much like those on band-aids, which are used to put the condom quickly and easily.

The manufacturer of the Sensis condoms claims that this technology makes application easier and safer for the partners' health.


Friday, 23 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

The Pill and Antidepressants Are Behind Libido Loss

Lack of sex drive in women is often caused by common drugs, such as antidepressants and the birth control pills, study reveals.

The research of 31,000 young women showed that around ten percent of women report about hypoactive sexual desire disorder or low libido.

Unlike the common believe that depression and stress causes low sex drive, it is often the medications to treat depression and the contraceptive pill that causes the loss of libido.


Thursday, 22 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Top Green Feminine Hygiene Alternatives

Many women, who care not only about their health, but environmental impact, choose more and more green products.

Millions of disposable feminine hygiene products end up in landfills, increasing waste and pollution. Using eco-friendly feminine hygiene products can make a difference for the Earth and help more people become environmentally conscious.

There is a variety of organic, non-toxic healthy options in feminine hygiene like menstrual cups, sea sponge tampons, cloth pads and others.


Wednesday, 21 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Breast Milk May Become a New Cancer Cure

Scientist revealed that breast milk contains a substance that is able to kill different types of cancer cells.

The Swedish research tested how a substance called Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumour cells (HAMLET) affects cancer. During the study patients with bladder cancer were treated with HAMLET and the trials showed that cancer cells were killed after each treatment.

Scientists say that further studies are needed to find if the substance can be used to develop new medications for cancer.


Tuesday, 20 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Top 10 Green Products for Your Baby

The Earth Day is coming and more people become conscious about environment. You can also make the right decision for your baby by choosing eco-friendly baby products.

Nowadays, there are a lot of organic alternatives to common baby items, that are biodegradable, BPA-free and phthalate-free and non-toxic. They are made of natural materials and were produced without the use of harmful chemicals.

The list of the best and most popular green baby items includes eco-friendly gDiapers, 100 percent organic cotton clothing and accessories, furniture and others.


Tuesday, 20 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Vitamins Protect Women From Breast Cancer

Women, taking multivitamins might reduce their risk of developing breast cancer, scientists say.

The new study at Ponce School of Medicine in Ponce, Puerto Rico revealed that vitamins supplements and calcium supplements lowered the women's risk of breast cancer. While it is not known what vitamins were the most beneficial for women, the interaction of different vitamins is probably the key to better health and lower breast cancer risk.

Scientists say that the ability of women's DNA to repair itself also plays a major role in preventing breast cancer.


Friday, 16 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Equmen Underwear for Men Keeps You in Shape

A new range of smart clothes for men that improves men's performance and tones all the right muscles has become extremely fashionable over a year.

An Australian brand Equmen developed a collection of underwear made from high-performance fabrics that control body temperature, support and tone muscles, relieves back pain and give you a perfect look as you wear them.

The seamless men shaping underwear can be worn by every man during regular activities and work-outs.


Thursday, 15 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Nano-Bombs and Coconut Oil for Acne Treatment

A new way of delivering drugs that fight with acne may soon be available for everyone dealing with the acne problem.

Scientists at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) developed a new smart delivery system, consisting of nano-bombs that deliver lauric acid and destroys acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

Lauric acid was shown to be effective at killing bacteria that causes acne and is mainly found in coconut oil.


Wednesday, 14 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Sperm Quality

Men, who want to increase their sperm count, may need to include omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.

The recent study at the University of Illinois found that DHA, a kind of omega-3 fatty acids can boost sperm quality and increase male fertility.

During the experiment, mice, lacking DHA, were infertile, producing few sperm that had low quality. The study showed that introduction of omega-3 fatty acids can significantly improve sperm quality and sperm count.


Tuesday, 13 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Turn Off the Light at Night to Lower Cancer Risk

Switching on light at night is bad for your health and can increase cancer risk, scientists say.

The study conducted by scientists in the UK and Israel showed that artificial light at night disrupts cell division and leads to disturbances in biological clock. The genetic disruption involves those that are responsible for the formation and spread of tumors.

The findings suggest that artificial light can damage important body functions and people should avoid using it at night.


Thursday, 08 Apr, 2010

Health & Fitness

Sleep Scan Tracks Your Sleep Depth and Quality

A new device that measures the quality of your sleep was released by Japanese health manufacturer Tanita.

Sleep Scan is a mat-like gadget that is placed under the mattress while you are sleeping. The sensors of the Sleep Scan track heart rate, breathing and body movements to tell you in the morning how well you slept.

The device has a SD card, where all data is stored and then analyzed with the help of software.


Wednesday, 31 Mar, 2010

Health & Fitness

Cola Affects Sperm Count

Men, who drink too much cola, have lower sperm count, a new study suggests.

The new study from Denmark studied more than 2,500 men, to reveal the link between caffeine intake from different sources, including cola and sperm quality.

The study found that men with high intake of cola drinks were more likely to have low sperm count and concentration. Scientists say that it is still not clear of it is caffeine in a cola or unhealthy lifestyle that affected male fertility.


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