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Tuesday, 09 Feb, 2010

Health & Fitness

Herbal Products and Drugs Combinations Can Lead to Death

Many people mistakenly believe that herbal products are safe and use them in large quantities and with prescription drugs.

A forensic pathologist at the University of Adelaide says that the interactions of the herbal remedies and standard medicines can have devastating effects, aggravating the current health condition and even cause death.

The US research showed that many Asian herbal remedies contained such dangerous substances as arsenic, lead and mercury. The use of herbal remedies in combination with prescription drugs can lead to coma, heart failure, stroke, seizure and other problems.


Monday, 08 Feb, 2010

Health & Fitness

Key to Sperm's Motility Revealed

The development of a new male birth control method is on the way, as scientists reveal the mechanism of sperm's motility.

The study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, showed that sperm cells have a great number of Hv1 proton channels that open their doors when placed in the right environment and let the sperm swim to the egg and fertilize it.

Now, that the scientists know the mechanism that makes sperm move, the new breakthrough male birth control method may appear very soon.


Friday, 05 Feb, 2010

Health & Fitness

High Altitudes Help You Beat Obesity, Study Says

Simple changing your location for the one at high altitude will help you shed pounds, scientists say.

German scientists took 20 middle-aged men, diagnosed with obesity to the mountains for a week to find out if it can help them lose weight without even changing their diets or activity levels.

The findings of the research showed that the participants lost more than 3,5 pounds on average. In addition, a week on the mountains led to the increased metabolism and better activity for the participants.


Thursday, 04 Feb, 2010

Health & Fitness

New Supplement Helps Lose Weight Just Like Regular Walk

Scientists at the University of Oklahoma examined the effectiveness of a new supplement to aid weight loss.

During the study the one group of the participants were given the supplement called tri-pepper blend, containing of three ingredients, such as caffeine, black pepper and capsaicin, while the other took a placebo.

The results showed that the supplement increased the participants' metabolic rate and burned as many calories as 20-minute walk.


Tuesday, 02 Feb, 2010

Health & Fitness

Top 10 Foods That Work as Viagra

Do you want to boost your libido simply be eating healthy and tasty food? You will be surprised to find out that some common foods have ingredients that increase your sexual power better than drugs.

The most common foods with libido enhancing properties include strawberries, bananas, spinach, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, watermelon and others.

What is the secret ingredients in this foods that can turn your partner on?


Monday, 01 Feb, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Smart Clothes That Keep You Healthy

Scientists develop new age clothes using fabrics with tiny electronic devices and using other latest inventions in medicine incorporated into clothes to monitor the health of its wearers.

Now you can make use of some of these intelligent garments that are able to fight unpleasant body odor, warn a person about the early signs of breast cancer, control blood pressure and even fight off viruses and bacteria.

What are the latest invention in smart clothes industry that help you stay healthy?


Friday, 29 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

New Emergency Contraception Pill Works Up to 5 Days

A new morning-after pill, called EllaOne, is effective up to 5 days after unprotected sex.

The study, conducted by International researchers, showed that the pill is effective at preventing pregnancies in more than 80 percent of cases when taken within 72 hours and had 50 percent success rate, when administered up to five days.

The new emergency contraception drug contains ulipristal, which suppresses ovulation and prevents implantation of the egg.


Wednesday, 27 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Chemicals Found At Home Reduce Female Fertility

Common chemicals found in household items can considerably decrease woman's chances of conceiving, scientists say.

The study at University of California-Berkeley that involved 223 pregnant women, revealed that exposure to PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, that can be found in such things as carpets, electronics and plastics is linked to reduced fertility in women.

The study revealed that almost 97 percent of women had PBDEs in their blood, while the highest levels of the chemicals can lower odds of getting pregnant by more than 30 percent.


Saturday, 23 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Ritmo Advanced Sound System for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

Listening music as early as in the womb is known to have a number of positive effects on the health of your future baby.

Nuvo Group came up with a Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System that can be worn by a pregnant woman to bond with her baby on emotional level. The innovative system is connected to mp3 player and uses Safe and Sound Technology to allow baby grow in a safe and pleasant environment.

By 17th week of the pregnancy you can even expect some kind of reaction from your baby to the music you play to him or her.


Wednesday, 20 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention in Medicine: New Device for Fertility Treatment

A device that mimics embryo experience in the body shows promise for infertility treatment.

Scientists from University of Michigan developed a device that helps embryos feel more at home during IVF procedure by rocking them, which imitates embryo movements as they travel through fallopian tube to the womb.

The study showed that embryos grown in a dynamic environment with the help of the new device not only resulted in more pregnancies, but also healthier embryos.


Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

One Hour of Sitting At TV Cancels 30 Minutes of Exercising

Sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health, even if you include moderate exercising every day, a new study suggests.

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm revealed that one hour of sitting for a long time ups the risk of metabolic syndrome by 26 percent, while 30 minutes of work-outs decreases the chances of developing this condition.

Exercising is known to have numerous health benefits, but if you are a couch potato, the beneficial effect of exercises may not be so obvious.


Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Woman's Natural Body Odor Turns Men On

Men find woman's natural body odor attractive, a new study suggests. Scientists at Florida State University found that during ovulation women's natural scent increases male testosterone level.

During the study men smelled T-shirts of women, who wore it for three days during ovulation and non-ovulatory phases of menstrual cycle. The T-shirts of ovulating women were rated as most pleasant.


Thursday, 14 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Innovative ED Drug Acts in 15 Min, Study Shows

The new-class erectile dysfunction drug called Avanafil will hit the markets soon. The innovative drug acts much faster than popular ED drugs, such as Viagra.

The study showed that it works in just 15 minutes after taking the drug, and has long-lasting effect. The Vivus company plans to launch Avanfil in 2012, expecting a big success of the drug.


Tuesday, 12 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Aggression in Girls Linked to Early Puberty

The new study has found that girls, who enter puberty early, are more likely to be aggressive and involved in antisocial behavior.

The Australian study included the data of more than 8,000 women and their children. According to the findings, teenage girls, who show signs of puberty earlier than 12 years old are more likely to smoke, fight and take drugs than other teenagers.


Monday, 11 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

The Worst Fad Diets of the 2010

Many people think about losing weight after New Year festive and opt for fad diets that offer fast weight loss. However, the specialists at British Dietetic Association say that most fad diets are not only useless but are also dangerous for your health. What are the worst popular diets of the new year?


Wednesday, 06 Jan, 2010

Health & Fitness

Latest Invention: Weight Loss Device Dubbed Mandometer

Scientists tested a new device called Mandometer that helps you lose weight by evaluating your portion size and analyzing how fast you are eating during the meals. The little computerized scale can be taken anywhere to track your eating habits and promote weight loss. The recent study shows that it is especially effective in treating childhood obesity.


Latest Invention: Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
[06 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
it is a great invention, but i think it will not be available to many people soon
Fast Food Can Make You Dumb
[06 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
probably fast food channels owr energy into digestion rather than thinking
Smiling Improves Women's Self Esteem and Appearance, Scientists Say
[06 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
happy women always look better, so keep smiling
Software Reveals Signs of Depression
[06 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
many people do not treat depression and that can really be dangerous. we should not ignore depression and that's great they developed a program to recognize the signs of depression in time
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